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Process Warranty Claims

Process claims with SERVICEBENCH® directly from the mobile app. Save time by eliminating calls and get paid faster.

  1. From the Mobile App Dashboard, select Warranty Tools.
  2. Enter or scan the serial number to see if the unit is registered and under warranty.
  3. Validate customer name, address, install date, and more. View actual warranty length and warranty stop dates within the "Warranty Info" section.
  4. To start a claim, slide up the menu from the bottom of the page and tap "Start Claim."
  5. Section 1 - General Claim Information - We'll pre-populate most of the fields in this section. You'll add the failed date, repair date, and service explanation.
  6. Section 2 - Customer Information - We'll pre-populate most of the fields in this section. You'll need to enter an application type and original equipment owner.
  7. Section 3 - Part Details - You'll need to enter failed part #, replacement part #, and replacement part invoice #. You may be prompted for the failed part serial # and replacement part serial # from SERVICEBENCH®, if it's required. You can also add multiple parts and select the causal part.
  8. Section 4 - Repair Details - You'll need to add the DOA labor repair category and causal part defect code.
  9. If you're logged into SERVICEBENCH® within the app you'll see a submit claim button at the bottom of the screen. If you're not logged in, that's ok. You can save claim details on your device and come back to submit when you have your SERVICEBENCH® credentials.
  10. Techs can easily transfer a claim to an owner or back-office employee for claim review and claim submittal.
  11. Once you submit a claim, you'll receive a real-time response from SERVICEBENCH®. We'll be able to tell you if your claim has been successfully submitted or if there was an issue with the claim form, and provide steps to resolve the issue.

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